Jim’s Fishing Tips

I’ve often been asked how do you consistently catch fish trolling? Well, that’s a short question with a very long answer actually. But one sure fire way to up your odds at catching more fish trolling is to use line counter reels. These reels measure the amount of line you have out so when you are successful in catching fish you can more easily duplicate the same presentation at the same depth to catch another, and another.
One doesn’t have to spend a small fortune on line counter reels, very functional, reliable reels can be had for around 45 bucks. I’ve been using Okuma Convector Line Counter Reels for a few years and have been happy with them. Team them up with a high quality St. Croix Rod so you can feel the action on your bait and you’ve got a winning combo.
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Summertime Walleye fishing can be very difficult for folks who are accustomed to catching Walleyes in the spring. Post spawn Walleyes that bit readily in early May on gravel points and drop offs are often nowhere to be found come June and July. Do these fish stop feeding when the weather gets warm? Do they go to the deepest part of the lake and wait for the summer heat to go away? Do they only feed at night? Well not exactly, many lakes with good Walleye populations also have good heathy weed beds that develop early in the summer and stay green right up till fall. These weed beds become something of a center for fish activity, they are home to a wide range of fish such as Perch, Blugills, Crappies, and all sorts of minnow species also call the weeds home in the summer. With all this food on the table so to speak, the predator fish can’t help but hang out there too. Walleyes, Northerns, Bass and Muskie will all be found using the weeds as a place to ambush their next meal.

Walleye fishing in the weeds can be the best locational option going on most lakes, but how do we go about catching them? This is the best part, fishing weed Walleyes is actually fairly straight forward and easy once you get the hang of it. There are two main ways to get it done in the weeds, the first and most effective for finding active fish is to slowly work your way along the deep weed edge at the depth that the weeds seem to end, keep an eye on your locator and do your best to keep the boat hovering just out from the weed line. Now take a small jig, 1/16th ounce is usually about right, and tip it with a large fathead minnow or a leech and pitch it up into the weeds. The small jig will catch some weeds and get hung up some , but you’ll be surprised how well you can work your jig through this stuff and not get snagged. Keep moving along the weed line pitching that jig into likely spots and eventuality your going to get some bites. Slip bobbering comes into play for some people once they get the Walleyes somewhat pinpointed on the weed line, set your bobbers to hang your minnow or leech just above the weeds and wait ’em out. Once you’ve spent some time fishing weed Walleyes you become better at it and able to key in on summer Walleyes much more often.

Good Luck and Good Fishing