Fishing Report for 9-22-12

Today was a cold and windy musky adventure. We had a small amount of wet snow on the ground early this morning as overnight temps were in the mid 30’s. Northwest winds from 20 to 25 made boat control more of a challenge too. The fish were shy this morning and we had zero action until around three o’clock when a nice fish grabbed the sucker. Nancy gave it a good hook set and played the musky for a while until it shook free underneath the boat, dang! We had another sucker hit minutes later and that one we just never got hooks into. A short strike on John’s suick happened just before our final sucker fish threw the bait with an impressive jump. Final score: Muskies 4, Anglers 0. Tough but fun day on the water.
Waters temps were 57 today.
Good luck and good fishing,
Jim Stroede

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